Leadership and Team

Topics: Leadership, Research, Belbin Team Inventory Pages: 39 (9120 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Module 7ED015 University of Wolverhampton

Participant name: Deborah Elaine Howarth

UoW Student Number: 1126183

Learning Community: Bradford

Serco Tutor: Michael Gasper

| | | | |Submission dates: |9th Jan 2012 |16th Jan 2012 | | |St Helens |Sussex | | |Reading |Taunton | | |York |Bradford |

Please submit ONE hard copy to UoW, ONE hard copy to Serco and upload an e-copy to WOLF – all by your deadline date.


Part 1 Learning Contract3-4

Part 2Self Evaluation5-10

Part 3Research Project11-18

Appendix A 23
Introductory Letter to research

Appendix B24
Belbin’s Questionnaire and Team Role Results.

Appendix C25
The Process of Transition Task-Group Feedback

Appendix D26-27

Leadership Based Focus Group Questions

Appendix E28
Discussions from Focus Group and analysed summary areas.
Appendix F29
Process Review on Focus Group

Part 1: Learning Contract 491 words

I am an Assistant Manager managing three children’s centres. My aim is to be a Leader that can lead a new team through a service restructure. Choosing to enrol on the NPQICL has showed my commitment to continuous learning. In terms of lifespan learning, Smith states ‘learning to learn, while evident at earlier ages, is most fully realized in adults and is an important developmental process’ (1990: 4). I believe it is valuable to invest time, resources and effort to find new tools to develop my leadership capacity. (Standards 1.8, 5.4)

The NPQICL has supported me in gaining knowledge, skills, the sharing of ideas, expertise and frustrations. My task group and Leadership Learning Group (LLG) have enabled me to learn about my current leadership strengths and my areas in which to develop. Within Module.1 we completed an exercise on critical incidents and active listening. I found this activity challenging and journalled (p 8 29.09.11)“During the task I had to write notes whilst people were talking rather than using Active Listening, it was really hard. This is a key area I need to develop”.

Completing the pre-course diagnostic provided me with food for thought. From completing modules 1-3 I now recognise why there were discrepancies between scores from my manager; my future role will need to develop partnerships and manage a new structure. I have experienced a stressful time personally, having to reapply for my own job, I feel this has affected my leadership and led me to deal with things inappropriately. (Journal p23 04.10.11) “The printers and computers have wasted nearly half my day again trying to sort our network issues”. I have acknowledged I need to find workplace stress coping strategies. Within this I can identify with the theory of ‘Leadership Nutrients and Toxins’ : NCSL Booklet 9 (2008a: 17). I have at times felt extreme dissatisfaction within my role and experienced high levels of stress with little support from management. At times I know I have had ‘little commitment and professional ambition’ NCSL Booklet 9 (2008a: 17).

From my knowledge and learning to date on the NPQICL and the analysis...
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