Mt 302 Organizational Behaviors

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Communication Pages: 4 (1000 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Unit nine Final Project

Kaplan University

School Of Business and Management

MT 302 Organizational Behaviors

Author: Cynthia Taplett-Hartman

Professor: Rhonda Shannon

Date: March 30, 2013

Question 1: Think of a present/past work environment you have been in (or use example from your course material), and then assess organizational behavior practices you observed that fostered the effect of positive change(s) within the organization. Cite relevant examples from your personal experience and utilize additional relevant examples from outside sources and /or the course material to complete this question.

When I worked for a company in Indianapolis organizational behavior I must say played a very important role. When I got hired on with the company back in 2000 the supervisor over operations was not very effective. Her communication skills were poor and she came off as being really rude and arrogant. After there were many complaints the owner of the facility decided to bring in another Supervisor she had potential of people skills. Due to that change it made a big difference in the atmosphere for employees in the workplace and we were much happier. When I reflect back on the positive effect in which the new supervisor had made in the organization it allowed us to develop communication with management and co-workers. This allowed us to have a better understanding of our job function and expectations.

My present job with The out Source Group organization behaviors is an essential aspect that the company utilizes it is very important. Since this acquisition was done in July of last year they are doing lots of inter personal training. With this training in place we are able to achieve measurable success. With this training in place it has not only helped us be able to interact with our-co-workers as well as, our customers we speak with on the phone. I feel this was a positive result for the type of business we are dealing with....
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