Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

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Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

By | April 2013
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London School of Commerce

Individual Assignment – Cover Sheet

|Name: |Mayuree Suksompued | |ID No. |L0325RCRC0612 | |Assignment name: |Business Plan: Mayuree Spa | |Module: |Management Skills and Entrepreneurship | |Lecturers: |Tatiana Pavlovsky & Rajendra Kumar | |Due date: |21st August 2012 |

Table of Contents
Business Description6
Mission statement6
Keys to success6
Product and services7
Business Opportunities9
Market Analysis: Industry Analysis9
Market Analysis: Customers9
Sales forecast10
Marketing Strategy12
Business Operations16
Management and Organizational Structure16
The company's strategy16
The strategy level16
Financial statement20
Sales forecast21
Cost estimates22
Income Statement23
Balance sheet24
Cash flow25
Payback Period26
Break-even Analysis27
Financial Ratio28
Reference & Bibliography31

List of Tables

Table 1: Price comparison13
Table 2: Start-up Expenses20
Table 3: Unite Sales21
Table 4: Unit Price21
Table 5: Total Sales21
Table 6: Variable Cost22
Table 7: Profit & Loss23
Table 8: Balance Sheet24
Table 9: Cash flow25
Table 10: Payback Period26
Table 11: Financial Ratio28
Executive Summary

People in the current society are living under a high level of stress and...

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