Management Principles

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  • Published: January 30, 2013
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Apollo Group, Inc.
2 0 11 A n n u A L R e P O R t


focused committed accountable dedicated

innovative informed connected supported

inquisitive valued effective impactful

Since 1973, Apollo Group has been creating opportunities for students and employees to reach their full potential, while enriching society as a whole. Today, Apollo Group continues to strengthen its position as a leading provider of high quality, accessible education for individuals around the world.

Apollo Group has established itself as a leading provider of quality academic offerings by engaging, educating and empowering today’s workforce, one graduate at a time.

be engaged
Apollo Group’s institutions offer both online and campus-based classroom settings, flexible course scheduling, small class sizes and an innovative academic atmosphere that is challenging, rewarding and industry-focused. Personalized attention from instructors and interactive classroom participation between students and faculty facilitates a collaborative, professional learning environment that draws upon the experiences of others with rich and varied backgrounds. university of Phoenix’s mobile application enables participation in classroom activities to students “on-the-go” from virtually anywhere. In addition, PhoenixConnect SM , a private, academically-focused social network, provides students, alumni and faculty tools for greater collaboration, discussion and learning support beyond the classroom.

be educated
Our degree programs are designed in collaboration with academic and industry professionals to ensure quality, relevance and rigor. We offer degree programs across a range of high-demand fields at the associate, bachelor and graduate levels. Course curriculum is developed and continuously updated to reflect the latest standards and practices in today’s industries. Students are taught by a team of more than 35,000 talented faculty members and supported...
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