Organizational Technology Plan: University of Phoenix

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Organizational Technology Plan


Susan Norris

Jon Morse


June 6, 2011

Team C is researching University of Phoenix and the technology used at the school. The team will research new technology, workforce training, and recommendations to stay ahead of future challenges. In addition, team C will cover value chain analysis and primary technology the school uses for instructions. University of Phoenix has extensive support activities that students and instructors access daily. Team C will retrieve information and recommend ideas for UOPX to create a more enjoyable learning environment. The team will also cover the different ways UOPX uses the Internet to market products available to all stakeholders. Challenges

University of Phoenix has set itself apart by creating a competitive advantage for working adults seeking to further his or her education.  Points of differences include advanced technology and communication networks, service-oriented staff in a virtual environment, and easy access of training modules for students of all levels.  Although technology has proved a point of difference for UOPX, it also is a hurdle for those intimidated by new advancements. Fear of technology is a consideration.  The target market for UOPX is adults who have been away from college for 10-15 years or more.  With this market comes a clientele removed from technology that did not exist when he or she enrolled in high school or college. This supports a strategy of establishing partnerships with organizations such as Microsoft or Apple to assist in managing server workload as well as attracting new customers.  Staying ahead of the technology curve is essential, and organizations such as Apple can introduce new customers as well as offer new mediums of communication that can bring more awareness to each brand.  One example would be developing an Apple tutorial available within the UOPX library. This would help to train, service the students, and enhance their academic experience. University of Phoenix needs to continue to enhance the on boarding process with orientation classes and a consistent stream of tutorials to engage new students to the online program.  The current model includes communication networks including e-mail, blogs, chat forums and online forums. This is effective but will become dated if UOPX does not stay ahead of the technology curve. “Current struggles with bandwidth size for wireless networks is a good example of the need to anticipate and stay ahead of the competition” (Information Systems and Technology Articles, 2011).    In addition to the software, it is important to be aggressive with hiring talent who is current with tomorrow’s technology. Recruiting from organizations such as Microsoft, Google, and other technology companies will inspire creative and innovative thinking that will assist in maintaining a competitive advantage and attract new markets. Value Chain Analysis

            University of Phoenix is an accredited college that is available for adult learners seeking a learning environment, which is flexible, has challenging curriculum, provides a supportive learning environment and is a top-rated college to attend. University of Phoenix has five goals that help students understand what key subjects are essential to his or her education; professional competence and values, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, information utilization, and collaboration (University of Phoenix, 2011). University of Phoenix primary activities related to value chain analysis is apparent; the learning environment has been constructed. An online campus is available for those adult learners not able to attend an educational campus. The value chain support activities are readily available for any student to research via University of Phoenix website or by calling an academic counselor who can provide information and answer any...
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