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School Management & Leadership
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* Introduction

This Project is about creating our own English Language Center, mentioning and including all the important aspects that an Institution of this type has and offers.

I think that this subject has helped a lot in order to have a clear idea and a real idea of what you gave to do to accomplish this dream, to put into facts what you have on your mind, I thought that it would be a piece of cake but I ended up shedding some tears after realizing what it really takes. It demands a lot of work, researching, thinking and analyzing to come up whit what you really want. Without having knowledge of this subject I might have ended up mixing things.

* Name of your school: MyEnglish Language Academy
* Vision:
* To prepare and inspire learners for real life and to become the destination of choice for the most ambitious, also to provide academic, personal and professional grow and success. Our vision is to strive for excellence and we believe in the principle of education for all through our innovative programs.

* Mission:
* It is our mission to prepare our students for leadership, excellence and success. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to provide a personal experience for each student. We invite and value the spirit of community, creativity and professional growth. We support each other. We have joy in who we are and who we are becoming.

* Values:
* We are committed to proactive, open and effective communication. We respect the rights and diverse needs of others.

* We value and will respond in an appropriate manner to the voices, ideas, and understanding of all our community members.

* Our culture of team spirit is committed to achieve common goals and provide quality services to students.

* We believe it is the right and responsibility of everyone to ensure a safe nurturing community.

* We recognize and celebrate excellence, and the heart-felt efforts and contributions of our community.

* We value dedication and commitment.

* We will conduct ourselves with integrity and be accountable for our actions.

* Type of Curriculum
* The type of curriculum will be based on the communicative approach so that the students get to learn how to survive in different contexts such as everyday language, occupational language tourist language, etc. This is, the school will be focused on the speaking skill rather than in perfect grammar. Needless to say that grammar will be used as a tool to acquire the learning of this communicative approach.

* This is different and better because if you pay attention most of the Institutions and schools that have as an aim to teach the English language, tend to focus on grammar structures and rules first, and I think that this could be sort of prejudicial for the learner because he/she is being taught to put words in order in his/her mind by trying to remember the rules before enouncing a sentence, thing that can result very frustrating and that can also slower the fluency of a conversation. Here students will be focus on speaking, by communicating as much as they can, paying no special attention to the grammar. The aim will be to be able to greet, introduce yourself and others, give opinions about any topic or situation no matter the complexity, have long conversations with any native or non-native speakers, in other words to communicate in a clear way taking care of the intonation and stress.

* We have to teach our students to think in English rather than to think in Spanish and then translate in our mind to English.

* Staff Selection

* Job description: English Language teacher...
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