Management Practices of the Selected Catering Services

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Operational Strategies Of the Selected Catering Business
In Balanga, Bataan

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Ivan Loraña
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March 22, 2012

Chapter 1
Operational Strategies Of the Selected Catering Business
In Balanga, Bataan
Thomas Hansen says our life is always full of some special events. Lots of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings require lots of strength from the ones who host them. Just think of all that cooking for as many as twenty, fifty or even a hundred guests. Holidays are the events on the eve of which kids begin jumping of joy and adults, by the way women mostly, begin going crazy cooking at their kitchens and counting the hours till the holiday begins and all guests come. Should a holiday be an endurance test for a woman in your family? Sure not. Catering services are the magicians and real help for people to enjoy their holidays without that running about markets for buying hundreds of ingredients and sleepless nights in order to be in time with your dishes. Besides the convenience of food catering services for all types of parties their availability also solves such a problem as thinking over how to cook this or that dish. The thing is that respectable catering companies that have been on the market for rather a long time tend to hire professional cookers only. Thus they achieve the high quality of cooking and the customers are always satisfied with their ideas.

1.1 Statement Of The Problem
General Objective
This study aims to identify the Vibar’s Catering, Carlos & Cathy and Ms. Quicky Catering operational strategies used by the catering business in Balanga City, Bataan. And the specifically this study aims to answer the following questions: Specific Problem

1. What is the Profile of the catering business
a)Classification of catering
b)Type of Ownership
c)Number of employees
d)Length of operation
2. What are the common problems encountered by the catering business? a) Food safety and Sanitation
b) Equipment
c) Transportation
d) Food Quality
3. What are the operational strategies practiced by the caterers in relation to: a) Promotion
b) Marketing
c) Safety Precautions

1.2 Conceptual Design

The first frame says that we need to see how they catered to customers or events. We want to know the business profile of the selected catering business. And the respondents eval
The second frame illustrates to identify the fast operational strategies and also to identify of the best catering business in Balanga City. Like Vibar’s Catering, Carlos & Cathy and Ms. Quicky Catering how they handled the catering here in Balanga, Bataan.

The third frame
Catering is the planned service of food and beverages – in contrast to restaurants, where food and beverages are generally served on demand. The opportunity for catering services to provide planned food and beverages is far greater than it is for restaurants. Catering services is one of the most dynamic business groups in the food and beverage industry.

Catering business depends on the establishment and continued practice of food and beverage operational controls. Controls are put into place to guarantee that established standards of quality, service, presentation are met daily. Catering Management includes issues such as quality service and standards training. Establishing a level of service quality and delivery is a competitive factor in today’s business environment. It includes dealing with complaints, damage in the property and missing equipment’s.

1.2 Hypothesis
There is no significant relationship among the three catering business of the Vibar’s Catering, Carlos & Cathy and Ms. Quicky Catering.

1.3 Significance of the Study
This study will be beneficial for the customers, to be able to know what to expect from a...
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