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Food Services Catering Sample Proposal
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10/23/20XX Raquel Alvarez Production Manager SeaStar Film Productions P.O. Box 7993 Blaine, WA 98230

Dear Ms. Alvarez, Thank you for contacting us for a bid for your company dinner party. We would be honored to be part of such an exciting event. Riche Cuisine, Inc. has been creating and serving delicious meals and party snacks to businesses in Washington State for eight years now. We have developed a reputation for efficiency and excellence. I’ve enclosed a few recommendations from some of our customers so you can see what they have to say about us. We offer a varied menu of appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts from which you can select to individualize meals for your guests. You’re in charge. Simply tell us which items you’d like, the quantity of each, and the services you want us to provide. Then we’ll present you with our plan and total invoice two weeks before your event for your final approval. We handle food preparation, setup, and cleanup for you, so you can just enjoy the party!


Allana Riche Owner Riche Cuisine, Inc. 555-500-1205

Riche Cuisine, Inc. 13562 W. Knight Blvd. Ferndale, WA 98248 (PH) 555-500-1205 (FX) 555-500-1206

Food Services and Event Catering
10/23/20XX Prepared for: Raquel Alvarez Production Manager Allana Riche Owner

Prepared by:

We would be happy to cater your company party! Riche Cuisine, Inc. is well known in the area for providing creative and delicious meals for special occasions. We offer a variety of menus from which SeaStar Film Productions can choose for the occasion.

Proposal Number: SSFP5

The Objective… SeaStar Film Productions is located in Blaine, WA and wants to host a dinner party for their staff at their office space. ♦ Need #1: Great food, tables, and place settings ♦ Need #2: Open bar with bartending service ♦ Need #3: Delivery, setup, and cleanup services for the evening

The Solution… Riche Cuisine, Inc. is well known in the area for providing creative and delicious meals for special occasions. offers a variety of menus from which SeaStar Film...
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