Management Information Systems

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When Antivirus Software Cripples your Computers

What management, organization, and technology were responsible for the problem? What was the business impact of this software problem, both for McAfee and for its customer? If you were a McAfee enterprise customer, would you consider McAfee’s response to the problem be acceptable? Why or why not? What should McAfee do in the future to avoid similar problems?

How Secure is the Cloud?
What security and control problems are described in this case? What people, organization, and technology factors contribute to these problems. How secure is cloud computing? Explain your answer.
If you were in charge of your company’s information systems department, what issues would you want to clarify with prospective vendors? Would you entrust your corporate systems to a cloud computing provider? Why or why not? Are Electronic Medical Records a Cure for Health Care?

What management, organization, and technology factors are responsible for the difficulties in building electronic medical record systems? Explain your answer. What stages of system building will be the most difficult when creating electronic medical record systems? Explain your answer. What is the business and social impact of not digitizing medical records (to individual physicians, hospitals, insurers, patients)? JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two is Projects

How important is the reservation system at airlines such as WestJet and JetBlue? How does it impact operational activities and decision making? Evaluate the key risk factors of the projects to upgrade the reservation systems of WestJet and JetBlue. Classify and describe the problem each airline faced in implanting its new reservation system. What management, organization, and technology factors caused those problems? Describe the steps you would have taken to control the risk in these projects.
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