Management in Human Resource

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Marriage Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: December 21, 2012

This assignment must be in computer printed form and you are required to follow the given format. * Times New Roman
* Font size 12
* Double spacing
* 2 inches left and right margin

Date and Time of submission : 12.00 noon, 22th Dec 2012. Week 15, Saturday

Late Submission : Please note there will be a penalty of 10% of the allocated marks for assignments submitted after the said time and date of submission

Length of work : This assignment should NOT be less than 500 words for each component.

Task :

1- Draw Maslow’s hierarchy of need, to answer the following questions?

a) For each of the situations in the next six sentences, write in which motive is taking precedence and is being sacrificed. Let’s begin with an example.


A woman who was near to death, because of her husband was a serial killer, three years ago is still having problems in forming new friendships, especially with men.

Need taking precedence: Safety and security

Need being sacrificed: Love and belonging (Social need)

a. A woman, recently diagnosed with diabetes, is making several changes in her usual diet and is short-tempered and irritable with her family. b. An insecure, recent widow reads novels continuously into the night, making it difficult to work the next day and spend free time with others. c. A very wealthy, talented writer gives up writing because he hasnot been able to get his last four novels published. d. A famous, professional singer gives up his singing career because his wife has threatened to leave him. e. An up-and- coming movie star gains 100 pounds to play a certain player. f. An uneducated, very unhappy mother and wife stays married to her abusive husband because she was orphan.

2- What role would money play in:
a) The hierarchy of needs theory
b) Two-factors theory
c) Equity theory
d) Expectancy theory
Hint: You...
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