Management and Leadership Camp

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Your school recently organised a Leadership Camp for all presidents and secretaries of the various clubs in your school. You are the Editor of the School Magazine. You, too, attended the camp and you have been asked to write a report for the school magazine. In your report, include the following information:

Place: Perimbun Resort, Cheras
Date: 27-29th July 
Participants: Presidents and secretaries of various clubs in school Organised by: Co-curricular Unit

Objectives of the camp:
- to instil leadership qualities
- to improve teamwork 

Facilitators: Youth leaders from local university

Activities: Day 1

-Briefing by facilitators
-Setting up tents
-Group activities 
Day 2

-Morning exercise
-Survival skills
-Night hike

Day 3

-Feedback session

Integrated Leadership Camp

The Co-curricular Unit of SMK Setia recently organised an Integrated Leadership Camp at Perimbun Resort, Cheras, from 27-29th July. The objectives of the camp were to instil leadership qualities and improve teamwork among the 50 participants who attended this camp. The activities at the camp were handled by several youth leaders from a local university.

All participants, presidents and secretaries of the various clubs in school, had gathered at the school hall at 2pm. From there, they were taken to the campsite in two buses. They were accompanied by five teachers, including the senior assistant of co-curricular affairs Puan Ng. Upon arrival at the campsite, they were given a briefing by the facilitators. Then, they were put into groups and asked to set up tents. By 7pm, most of them had accomplished this task successfully. After dinner, the participants had to engage in their first group activity. They were required to come up with names and theme songs for their groups. 

The second day of the camp was much more hectic. The participants had a rigorous exercise session which involved aerobics...
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