Unit: 19 Developing Teams in Business

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Unit: 19 Developing teams in business:
P5 & P6:Report:
In this report I will be the leader of my group. Where I will explain as well as construct what happened during each stage of the process as a group leader what were the obstacles I had to go through as my group was not a participative group to compare with even not very assertive. How did it feel to be a team leader of the group?

Being a team leader of the group consists upon bearing in mind the conflicts that may occur during group activities such as group discussions. The problems that had occurred were that as a team leader there were downfalls of other team members not participating coercively which had a major impact on work not handed in on time to me which delays the submission process of the work if it were to be a real life experience then I think the team I was with would not be successful enough to handle complicated situations such as handing over work before deadlines. I also had to value other team member’s by listening to their views and opinions as well as therefore had to show motivation and the skills to my group members for e.g. interpersonal skills even encourage team members to contribute in other group activities bearing in mind I set objectives that clarified what each group member had to do. How did it feel as a team leader of the group to achieving specific goals? As a team leader at the beginning I thought I may not be able to handle any particular situation by myself, although my group did show some sort of passion of nominating me to be the team leader of the group. Although as time went by me and the group started to communicate with each other also bearing in mind who were to do which task and what they needed to do before the workload started piling up. As a result we got to the stage of using our P4 specification sheet laid out quite clearly stating the group member’s names as well as explaining each task of who were to do what so it does not set a...
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