Management and Case Study

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1. Answer all questions
2. The format of the paper should be as follows:
* A cover page with your details – Name, Student ID and Sections ( as registered). * Font: Times New Roman, size 12 with 1.5 spacing, justified.

3. No more than TWO (2) number of pages (font 12, Arial, 1.5 spacing) 4. Email the answer to (kindly adhere to the deadlines given)

1. How would you characterize the service Zipcar provides? With which companies or services does it compete? What role does it play in its competitive landscape? 2. What would you say are the critical success factors for Zipcar? 3. What are the controls that work best in this case?| CASE STUDY 2 : CAMPBELL AND BAILYN’S BOSTON OFFICE: MANAGING THE REORGANIZATION| 1. What are the trends in the investment banking industry affecting Campbell and Bailyn in 2007? 2. What are the changes within the customer base that are putting pressure on the organization? 3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the C & B Brokerage Division prior to the two changes explained in the case.| CASE STUDY 3 : PCL: A BREAKDOWN IN THE ENFORCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT CONTROL| 1. Analyse the challenges faced by PCL in reducing returned sets and NFF returns. 2. Aside from the recommendations put forth by PCL, what other actions might improve the return rate of TV sets? 3. What lessons can PCL draw from its exercise in controlling the high rate of returned TV sets to inform its execution of internal control mechanisms in the future?| CASE STUDY 4: CELERITAS, INC:LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES IN A FAST-GROWTH INDUSTRY|

1. Is Celeritas an effective company? What problems do you see at Celeritas? 2. How effective was the team-building effort at Celeritas? What worked well? What didn’t work? 3. What and/or who is the problem with the top team?...
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