Final Assignment: Case Study

Topics: Victim, Forensic science, The Victim Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: May 12, 2013

Final Assignment: Case Study
Ashley Hackett

Professor Brian Follett
March 30, 2013

Final Assignment: Case Study
CRJ320: Forensic Investigation

1. What were the main challenges facing investigators who were collecting evidence in the case? Give specific examples of these challenges.

There were several challenges that faced investigators, but the root of all these issues was jurisdiction. Every agency has their own team of investigators, their own protocol, and their own responsibilities and agendas. When something like this occurs involving multiple jurisdictions, it can be difficult for the each agency to work efficiently and effectively together. Because these agencies were unable to work together the crime scene was left unsecure, evidence was lost or destroyed, and inefficient searches were completed.

2. Explain how investigators used reference samples to determine that the victims had been held at the residence located at 881 Lope De Vega.

By taking samples of hair from the victims and comparing it to the hair samples found at the Lope De Vega ranch instigators were able to conclude that the victims were held there. Investigators used the hairs from the known victim as a control and compared it to the unknown hairs found in the various rooms. Each sample matched one of the victims and lead to investigators to set up a crime scene.

Final Assignment: Case Study
CRJ320: Forensic Investigation

3. Explain how investigators used reference samples to determine that the victims’ bodies had been buried and later moved to the site where they were discovered. Also explain how they used such evidence to determine the original burial place.

When investigators compared soil from the victim’s body to the soil at the scene it did not match. This lead investigator to conclude that the bodies had been buried somewhere...
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