Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

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  • Published: November 22, 2012
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Student Name: Malik Daniyal
Student id: STD02067
Project title: Manage personal work priorities and professional development Introduction:-
In this project I m going to describe all about my future and recent planning and my goals and objectives. In which comes my dream , my futures goal , what I have to do for achieving my goal , how I can be successful and how I can fulfilled my and my family future dream. And what steps I have to take and which steps are not good for my future and how I should move step by step toward my destination. Where I am now and for achieving my goal what qualities I have and what I have to get and have to achieve. A Reflection Paper is a formal written presentation of a critical reflection about a specific issue. A reflection paper is truly a paper from the heart. To write one, I will be recounting, or reflecting upon, experiences I have had during a specific event. If I was an intern, it would be a paper about how I enjoyed it and what I learned. Explanation in Detail :-

Q: what makes a good role model and how would I ensure that I acted as a role model for employees I supervise? A good role model is someone who can make positive choices on his or her own. They are a person that people especially young kids can look up to in hopes to follow in their footsteps. They do not have to be famous but as a whole, they need to live a life that allows people to want to achieve goals and try to do the right things. I think mentors should be role models, BUT a role model who hasn't forgotten where s/he came from, how s/he got to where s/he is now and always looking back to see if s/he can help those that came from the very same place and positive role model should be encouraging and must have ability to recognised the qualities of employees working under his/her and a positive role model should show his/her technical ability and time management skills as well. Q: what are the traits of an effective leader ? do I have these...
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