Man vs Wild

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Entrepreneur Interview Report
Instructions and Grade Sheet

Individual Assignment Worth Up to 75 Points

This assignment is modeled after the nationwide “Take an Entrepreneur to Lunch” competition sponsored by the Acton Foundation ( You will learn information that is not in any textbook, and add an important person to your personal network.

This is an individual assignment. If you do this assignment you do not have to complete the Networking Assignment and Report. If you choose this individual assignment, you will identify an entrepreneur who has qualities you admire and want to learn from, make an appointment with him or her for at least 30 minutes, conduct an interview, and then write your report. Does this sound intimidating? Are you willing to take a risk? If you answered yes, then you are entrepreneurial!

Students may conduct the interview in pairs; however, each student must write his/her report individually to avoid plagiarism.

Before the Interview
• Choose an entrepreneur to interview. Think of an entrepreneur who has made a difference in your community, someone who inspires you, someone who has become successful without becoming greedy. (This is what I hope you will accomplish when your business is successful!) NOTE: Once you have chosen an entrepreneur to interview, you are required to post his or her name and company name in the Webcourse Discussion for this assignment. This insures that the entrepreneur is only interviewed once this term. I do not want any entrepreneur to be overwhelmed by multiple students requesting interviews. If you fail to post your entrepreneur in the Webcourse Discussion before your interview you will lose 25 points on this assignment.

• Prepare for the interview. Realize that you may not be able to get an appointment with a busy entrepreneur for several weeks from the time you call to ask for an appointment, so do not procrastinate on this assignment. Order your business cards. Make sure you have appropriate formal business attire – not business casual! Remember, you represent UCF to the entrepreneur you will interview, so please make a good impression. Prepare your interview questions. Get directions to the entrepreneur’s business.

• Make the appointment. Review your schedule for the next few weeks to determine when you are available, and then call the entrepreneur. Explain that you are a UCF student taking an entrepreneurship course, and have been assigned to interview an outstanding entrepreneur in the community. Ask if the entrepreneur can find at least 30 minutes to meet with you. Offer to send your interview questions in advance. Most (but not all) entrepreneurs will be eager to meet with you, as they love to talk about their business and also welcome the opportunity to “give back” by helping a student.

Conduct the Interview
Arrive at least 15 minutes early, as this shows that you respect the entrepreneur’s time constraints. Shake hands, making eye contact, and thank the entrepreneur for taking time to meet with you. Exchange business cards when it is comfortable, but before you leave you must obtain the entrepreneur’s business card to include with your report.

You are required to ask these four questions developed by the Acton Foundation: 1. The venture. What is the main product/service provided by the business, when was the business started, how many employees do they currently have, what is their “ballpark” revenue, what is the company’s mission? 2. What are some of the struggles and challenges the entrepreneur faced on the way to success, and how did he or she overcome them? 3. What has the entrepreneur learned about business and/or life while on his or her entrepreneurial journey? 4. How does the entrepreneur gives back to the community and serve others?

Feel free to develop additional questions, but you must get answers to these questions.

It is your...
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