Bus 210 Appendix B

Topics: Marriage, Management, Wedding Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: August 15, 2012
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Appendix B

Roles and Behaviors

Description of Company| My business would be focusing on decorating for wedding events. My Company provides excellent service with talented decorators, who decorate exactly by the expectations of the future married couples. We meet with the Clients to discuss their expectations of the wedding ceremony, the wedding party, and the theme of the wedding. In addition, we provide the decorations, schedule appointments with caterers, music band, and the buildings where the wedding will take place. |

Roles and Behaviors|
Entrepreneurs| The entrepreneurs is an important figure in my business, they are the once who start and organize the business. They take the control and overlook the income and outcome of our wedding event services. The entrepreneurs’ responsibility would be to find the right supplier such as the right catering company, musicians, and the necessary decoration material supplies. The expectations of the entrepreneurs are set higher than the once of the managers. If the manager would not be able to handle difficult situations, the entrepreneurs would have to step in. That is why it is so important to know the business well and commit to the business. | Managers| The managers carry the responsibility to overlook the employees and train them accordingly. The managers receive a great opportunity of sources to provide the company with clientele. The managers have the responsibility to solve problems and misunderstandings as well as provide information to potential Clients. In addition, Manager must employ and train newcomers. The most important factor is that our managers personally attend to the upcoming wedding event and overview the services our employees provided. In addition, the managers make sure that the clients’ expectations are fulfilled. | Employees| The Employees provide the services to decorate the rooms for the upcoming events. Based on the skills and abilities of...
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