Malaysian Studies

Topics: Malaysia, Nationalism, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Pages: 5 (1601 words) Published: April 18, 2012
At the time Malaysia achieved its independence under Tunku Abdul Rahman leadership, our nation struggled very hard to build unity between Malaysia’s plural societies so that the people could live harmoniously despite of differences in religions, cultures and customs. Our government was very conscious about this particular problem as majority of the ethnic in Malaysia was separated by their occupations, residences, educations, political awareness, economics and so much more. The problem even started when British implemented the Divide and Rule Policy during their colonization in Malaya. In Federal Constitution of Malaysia, it is said that there are 40 sub-ethnics in Sabah and Sarawak. With a large number of ethnics coupled with preceding colonial system that did not do any transformation upon race relations worsen the problem of racial unity. Therefore, National Service and 1Malaysia concept are introduced to prevent bloody events such as 13th of May 1969 incident and HINDRAF Rally from taking place. Currently, in this 21st century of globalized world, many threats such as provocation, sedition and social problems that surging the developing nations especially Malaysia needs the concept of nationhood and citizenship to be strongly conducted to build nation strength and a disciplined citizen. It was understood that Malaysia is increasingly exposed to external threats such as neocolonialism, new world order, globalization and the collapse of nationalism like Egypt and Libya’s riots and political unrest because of its people going against their leaders. The agenda is really concerning the future of Malaysia as we practice democracy that gives opportunity to anyone to voice out their opinions. However, democracy too have its own pros and cons as it will contribute to the inclusion of negative influence because it was thought that if democracy is abused, many people would get over-emotional over a particular case and soon fighting each other to determine the truth for instance, a controversial Malaysian video blogger criticize Malaysia’s National Ideology, its political unrest and claimed the Chinese were the biggest taxpayers while the Malays are unproductive because of its strict culture and traditional beliefs. Many praise the Muar native rapper-turn-to-movie-director for his outstanding boldness but others want Sedition Act and court actions to be taken against him. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad quoted that in a multiracial country the citizen’s right for a totally free expression does not exist-if you want a peaceful community. To promote social interaction between races in Malaysia significantly, National Service are established under Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense and Eighth Malaysia Plan that called for the selected Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia’s leavers and demand youth from all types of backgrounds to go to the period of three month of nationality courses and experience social work environment. It was thought that National Service would also help in forging esprit de corps between the 24% selected teenagers aged 18 in their year of National Service throughout Malaysia. National Service itself determined to embellish patriotism and nationalism among younger generation. Education and nationalism are important to establish the bright future of Malaysia after achieving its independence. Through National Service, education can be channeled to these trainees by four modules prepared by the authority. First and foremost, the Physical Module that requires trainees to develop surviving skills and mental, emotional, spiritual and physical tenacity to create an effective citizen. In particular, the trainings given to the trainees could foster unity in between the participators despite of the differences in skin colors or races. Four weeks of physical module would shape a responsible, persevere and confident generation. All the more, they are equipped with decision-making skills, making decisions either individually or in a group....
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