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a.) Relate Brunei's stand and views from the time Malaysia was planned to the time it was formed.

b.) Discuss objectively and in a matured manner the scenario in singapore after the country became a member of Malaysia up to the time it seperated from Malaysia.

~ 4.a) Features of Malaya Union ~

1. Mode of the 9 Malay states, Penang and Malacca.
2. The chief adminstrator was the Bristish Governor in K.L and assisted by the Executive and Logislative Councils. 3. The malay rulers only advised the Governor and their sovereignty as rulers of their own states were wiped off. Their authority was only in issue pertaining to Islam and as hend off the Malay Council of Advisors. 4. The state Council was retained for purposes of managing the local gavornment, but was still subjected to control by the central gavornment. 5. The Malayab Union did not involve Singapore as it remained as British Colonial territory under the rule of a British Gavornor General who was above the Malaya Union.

6. Citiznenship was based on the principle of Jus Soli.
7. Equal rights for all citizens regardless of race or origin. This includes entry into gavornment service and the right to vote.

~ 4.b) Reason the Malays opposed the Malaya Union ~

1. The easy granting of citizenshuip to the non-Malays.
2. Erosion of Malay rulers' power and sovereignty meant the loss of Malay power. 3. MacMicheal's threats is getting the rulers to sign the agreements.
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