Reaction Toward Formation of Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Singapore, Sabah Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: March 28, 2013
The proposal for the formation of the federation of Malaysia aroused various reactions from various segments whitin each of the potential Member State as well as neighbouring countries. Within potential member states, the proposal stimulated the sudden rise in political activities. Within the next several month following the Tunku’s announcement, several political parties had be formed to cater to various stands that began to emerge. Among the neighbouring countries, Indonesia and Philippines were among those whose reactions were clearly stated and expressed.There are many reactions from Sabah,Sarawak,Brunei,Indonesia and Philippines.

In Sabah, there are political parties such as UNKO and USNO in Sabah gave a reaction on the issue of Formation of Malaysia. Sabah made several claims as a condition for joining the formation of Malaysia. They want to be joined to the new constitution of Malaysia to protect the rights of Sabah people. At the same time, they want to enter the extra-territorial rights manmade formation of the Constitution of Malaysia such as the national language. Finally, Sabah agreed to become part of the Malaysia because the leader’s solidarity and tolerance attitude had attracted Sabah to be with Malaysia. Next is in Sarawak. SUPP was facing internal division between its moderate wing led by Ong Kee Hui and the more radical wing led by Stephen Yong. Panas supported Malaysia on the basis that Malaysia would provide the security of Sarawak against communists and as mean of attending independence. Another Malay-dominated party, BERJASA was formed in December 1961. It was led by Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang. The party declared its opposition to communist but made no clear stand about Malaysia. SNAP opposed to Malaysia and PESAKA supported Malaysia but this support was not unreserved. Among the Chinese, another political party, the Sarawak Chinese Association (SCA) was formed in July 1962. It was to provide an...
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