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Invasion of lahad datu
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oDid u know that resemblance of massacres Tausug and Bajau Jabidah by Marcos in 1968 has caused a large war which erupted on 1972 with the invasion of lahad datu? oWhat happened in Jabidah massacre 1968 was a war against Marcos MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) that caused havoc which destroyed the unity Tausug and the Sultanate sulu a long time ago oSultan Jamalul Kiram III sent his army which was led by his brother “Raja Muda” Agbimuddin Kiram to ress their claim to the eastern Malaysia state of Sabah oFor ur information, the army entered the state by boat and gathered at Felda Sahabat 19, kpg Tanduo lahad datu Today I will talk about the reasons why they invaded to Sabah? As we know, they invaded to Sabah to claim Eastern Malaysia of Sabah and want our government to recognize they as Royal Sultanate of Sulu Army. Furthermore, they stated that our government is rented and used their homeland because they received USD 5000 from our government every year But there are misunderstanding between the payment. Indeed, our government is pay the USD 5000 to their government but it is pay for cession money. Cession money is the payment submission and not payment for rent. In addition, there are other regions in the world who submitted (ceded) for a fee besides Sabah such as Louisiana, ceded by France to the United States for a sum of USD15 million Translation:

oNow, let us look at another reason which is they want to be recognized by our government oThat because the Philippines has stopped recognized the Suktan of Sulu since the death of Sultan Mohd. Mahakuttah A. kiram in 1986 oFor ur information, there 2 main parties claimed to be Sultan Sulu which is Muedzul Lail Tan Kiram, son of Sultan Mohd. Mahakuttah A. kiram, that has been recognized as “Raja Muda” on the of his father`s coronation as Sultan but Ismail Kiram II, brother to leader of terrorist, “Raja Muda” Agbimuddin Kiram never...
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