Southeast Asian History Paper

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: May 12, 2013
“Accommodation has always been more effective than assimilation in managing the minority problem.”  How accurate is this assessment of independent SEA?

Accommodation has been proven to be more effective than assimilation throughout the process of managing the minority population in Southeast Asia through its various successes. Accommodation recognises ethnic differences of minority communities through the integration of minority differences into the majority dominant culture. On the other hand, assimilation ignores ethnic differences of minority communities through the enforcement of minority groups to conform to a majority dominant culture. Accommodation has resulted in a more successful management of minority problems by having few or almost no frequent or intense conflicts and absence of political splits or divisions within government along ethnic, ideological or religious lines. However, there are scenarios present whereby accommodation has proven not to be the most effective in managing minorities as they could potentially expose vulnerable parts of the government and Though it cannot be forgotten that accommodation strategies have been wildly successful and are the reason for the racial harmony present in many Southeast Asian states of today.

Accommodation has resulted in the absence of frequent conflicts breaking out following Southeast Asia's independence. Through the consideration of minority races needs into the state's imagining of a nation, this allowed for minorities to be placated and thus reduced hostilities and thereby reduced the frequency of conflicts as well. For example, in Singapore, the nation's concept of multiculturalism, based on the principles of equal treatment and respect of all ethnic groups and the reinforcement of ethnic identities. Through various efforts such as public housing and national service which inculcate a sense of nationhood via shared experiences and interaction with various races. This allowed for minorities to...
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