The End of the Race

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Marriage, Sociology Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: December 2, 2012
 The End of the Race

Thinking about the outcome of mixing races, are Asians and Europeans distinguishable in the distant future? As intermarriage goes intense, there would be many minorities in race. In contrast, majorities’ attitudes toward minorities generate discrimination simultaneously; minorities are more likely to be exposed to prejudice. However, Steve Olson says that each mixed individuals are the key to weaken the barricade between races. Matthijis Kalmijin also supports the point that intermarriage decreases the conflicts between cultural groups and it weaken prejudice and stereotypes against other races.

In the past decades, researchers have described patterns of marriage, and examined individual variations in intermarriage. In terms of making selection on partners, it seems race has had much influence on it. In the report written by Matthijis Kalmijin, he says “People have a tendency to marry within their social group or to marry a person who is close to them in status. Although many characteristics play a role in the choice of a spouse, sociologists have most often examined endogamy and homogamy with respect to race/ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status.” According to the research, in a sense that people have tendency to marry a person from the same race or close status, endogamy will still be practiced even if intermarriage go intense. Therefore, Asians and Europeans would be physically distinguishable in the future. Native Hawaiians are one of the good examples of “minorities” in race. How did they become minorities? On November 26, 1778, an European ship captained by James Cook first arrived at the Hawaiian island of Maui. Never seen Europeans before, yet Polynesians accepted them without hesitation; women from lower classes were willing to exchange their bodies in order to move up in social status. In 1852, 84 years later of his arrival, three hundred Chinese men arrived to work on plantations,...
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