Interracial Relationships

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Benefits of Interracial Relationships
Jessica Sumita James

Interracial relationships or miscegenation can be defined as a mixing of different racial group trough cohabitation, marriage and sexual relations (Miscegnenation, 2013). For example, there is a relationship between men and women of different kinds such as an Irish man marrying a Korean woman. Furthermore, Richards (2012), states that there is an increase in data about births, marriage, and co-habitation in the past 30-40 years. This shows that, attitudes are changing towards interracial dating because of global connectivity such as the media, which shows multicultural relationships that we tend to follow. Hence, there are benefits to interracial pairing. Firstly, there are many benefits in interracial dating. Such as, being half of an interracial couple makes us learn about the different culture of the other half. It increases the awareness and empathy of different cultural history and family background in an interracial relationship. (Hinds, 2011). Moreover, couples who date interracially are more likely to incorporate different aspects of another culture into their everyday lives. They can be exposed to variety of cultural influences such as, different religion, different kinds of food, languages and more (Nwaka, 2013). The benefit of interracial dating is that it can increase the probability of finding ones soul mate. Interracial dating also increases the chances that a person will find their soul mate. When people restrict themselves to dating only others of their own racial group, they limit their dating pool. Those people may find someone more suited to them if they were to date interracially. They may find that people of other racial groups are more similar in terms of core values, outlook on life, interests and hobbies than people of...
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