Major Works Data Sheet for Brave New World

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Major Works Data Sheet
|Title: Brave New World |Relevant Biographical Information About the Author: | |Date of Publication: 1932 |Born July 26, 1894 in Surrey, UK | |Genre: dystopia, science fiction |Went partially blind at the age of 16 | | |Graduated from oxford in 1916 and began to write a collection of poems | | |In the 1920s, he began writing novels that pointed out the flaws of society | |Historical information about the period of publications: | | |Henry Ford invented the assembly line | | |Mussolini in power | | |America in Great Depression | | | |Characteristics of the Genre | | |Opposite to a Utopia | | |Has at least one or more qualities that make the society far from perfect/a utopia | | |Though in a futuristic setting, able to look upon it with a historical, Marxist, and | | |sometimes psychoanalytical point of view which gives you the knowledge of what is and | | |how something is a flaw in the society | | | | | | | |Plot Summary | | | |The story takes place in London in a building, Hatchery and Condition Centre, that creates test tube babies that are conditioned before and after birth to fit into society in| |whatever level of class they were labeled to be in (the building is basically like the place in Star Wars where they create the clones (episode II)). A lot of time is spent | |in playing phrases to the children tens of thousands of times to engrave it in their minds. There, the Director is speaking to some students about everything that is done | |there. In the society, there are five social classes in which the higher...