Major Works Data Sheet for Brave New World

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Sulfuric acid Pages: 4 (857 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Patrick r Dery
Mrs. Oshikiri
Honors Chem/Period 2
Types of Chemical Reactions
The purpose of the Types of Chemical Reactions lab is to become familiar with the different types of chemical equations. Also the experiment allows one to apply their equation skills to explain reactions. This is done by heating compounds with the Bunsen burner and also by mixing compounds in the twenty four well plate. The experiment found that the liquid compounds reacted to form milky liquids. Also that the heated solids caused condensation that put the fire on the splints out. The experiment could have been flawed due to measurements.

In the Types of Chemical Reactions lab one of the skills used is the skill of balancing equations. Chemical equations are the quantitative way of showing a reaction. In order to respect the law of conservation of mass which states that mass is neither created nor destroyed. In order to observe this law equations must be balanced using coefficients.

For example the reaction of Sulfur and Oxygen yields Sulfur Dioxide. Shown quantitatively as [pic].

Materials and Procedure
In Part 1 of the lab the tongs were used to heat a strip of copper foil in the Bunsen burner. The copper was allowed time to cool and the spatula was used to scrape its surface. Also a strip of Magnesium was heated in the bunsen burner and when it combusted it was held over the ceramic plate.

In part 2 of the lab 3 scoops of hydrogen carbonate were heated in a test tube and a lit wooden splint was put in the opening of the test tube. Also in part 2 of the lab the same steps were repeated with copper sulfate.

In part 3 of the lab 20 drops of HCl were added to a test tube with a small zinc piece. It was then heated with a lit wooden splint in the opening. Also in part 3 of the experiment a small piece of steel wool was added to a test tube with 10 mL of 0.6M copper sulfate.

In part 4 of the lab 2 drops of 0.1M...
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