Letters to a Young Poet

Topics: Rainer Maria Rilke, Hatred, Emotion Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Brenda Benson
Letters to a Young poet by Rainer Maria Rilke
Letters 1-5
Letters to a Young Poet, letter 1: “No one can advise or help you- no one. There is only one thing you should do. Go into yourself.” I believe this advice goes for anyone, but I can identify with this. The reason is that you really can’t depend on anyone, because the other person will not care for the situation or whatever the way you do. Many of times, where I thought I could seek for other for help, they hadn’t come through for me. Even though, it is something disappointing, but it is life, we must deal with disappointment constantly. In the end, what doesn’t kill will only make you stronger, how true those words are. For when you are at your lowest point, that is when your strength shines through. Letter to a Young Poet, Letter 2:” Learn from what you feel is worth learning” Learning is not just learning from a book, it can also be about life, the experiences that a person has gone through. People have often advised me what I should do with my life and how I should live about it. It’s always difficult because we all are manipulated by society, and the slightest difference in personality makes for the biggest commotion. Well anyways, you can be told so many things, what is right and what is wrong. Sure, you listen to them, some of the advice you’ll take in and others just let it drift away. All in all, it doesn’t matter what people may say, it’s what you feel what is right. Letter to a Young Poet, Letter 3: “Always trust yourself and your own feeling, as opposed to argumentations, discussions, or introductions of that sort” This I believe is the hardest situation, which is being able to trust yourself. We always have doubts if we’re ever good enough, and always making things into a competition. Where we should make things into a learning experience, and appreciate others wisdom. When I began this school I would say that I was intimidated by the students the class, they were so...
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