Major Trends in 21st Century in Esl

Topics: Language acquisition, Teaching English as a foreign language, Computer Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Major trends in 21st century ESL language teaching

Teaching students to be literate is a high educational priority throughout the world. Though this area is one of our greatest priorities, it is also one of our greatest challenges. The classroom environment has changed from many years ago. Teachers face the challenges of a large population who do not speak English and have high transient rates. For this large population, becoming proficient in a new language is a very difficult transition. This process can be frustrating and sometimes painful. Students learning a new language need as much language support as possible. Those who have taught students learning English as their second language know that any language support is helpful for their language acquisition. English language learner (ELL) students need a variety of language experiences. They need to hear language, write language, speak language and read language. Nowadays it is believe that computers and some other gadgets can play an integral part in providing ESL students with valuable language experiences as they learn a new language. Interactive whiteboards and iPad

Interactive whiteboards are the most valuable digital resource in the classroom. whiteboards can be a vehicle to access online instructional and professional development resources and though tablet-style eReader devices such as Apple’s iPad haven’t been around for long, they’re already considered the second most useful mobile classroom technology behind laptops, according to some researches. Educators are incorporating more internet-dependent a technology into their instruction, the reason of this is because digital media is a core learning support, nowadays it’s a core part of a teacher’s job. Smartphone

Another important technology used in classrooms is the Smartphone. Smartphone owners use them on the move to access information and entertainment such as music, audio books, reading, and for viewing photos and video clips....
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