Maggi Marketing Strategies

Topics: Maggi, Instant noodles, Ramen Pages: 7 (1287 words) Published: January 28, 2013
1. Nestle company profile.
2. Nestles product list.
3. Core of Nestle Business.
4. Vision Statement.
5. Mission Statement.
6. Objective of Nestle.
7. Why selected Maggi?
8. Maggi in India.
9. Need recognition of Indian Consumer.
10. Marketing mix.
11. Tag lines.
12. Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Analysis.
13. Competitors of Maggi.
14. Market share.
15. Ingredient for Maggi 2 minute noodle cake.
16. How Maggi is packed.
17. SWOT Analysis.
18. Market Penetration Strategies of Maggi Noodles.
19. Brand recall and Future trends.
20. Bibliography.

Nestle company profile
* Nestle is a Swiss company founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle. * Nestle market its products in 130 countries across the world. * Nestle sells over a billion products every day.
* Nestle put the nutrition as the core of their business, Nestle main focus is on health and wellness. The main consideration of Nestle is Good Food, Good Life to all consumers.

Nestles product list
1.1. Nestle milk maid
1.2. Maggi pickup
1.3. Maggi pizza maze
1.4. Maggi sauces
1.5. Nestle munch
1.6. Nestle Milo
1.7. Nestle ice tea

Core of Nestle Business
* Good Food, Good Life
* Food and beverages plays a important role in people’s life- not only because of enjoyment and social pleasure of eating together, but more in more terms of personal health and nutrition. * Nestle is committed to provide their customer, consistent quality, safety as well as value for money and convenience. * Great taste is the fundamental of their products and consumer appreciation of good food. * Priority on nutrition, health and wellness.

Objective of Nestle
Good to know
Factual information on nutrition content
Good to remember
Tips for healthy lifestyle, cooking and diet
Good to talk
Consumers call to their consumer services teams or log on to their website. What brand name comes to your mind when I say the word Noodles?

Why selected Maggi?
Whenever I am alone at my home and I am hungry, then only one name comes to my mind that is “MAGGI”. Because it is very easy to cook even a 10 years old child can also make MAGGI without his mother around. So to know more about MAGGI I selected MAGGI NOODLES Maggi in India

1. Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles made by Nestle. 2. Maggi is the iconic brand of Nestle.
3. Maggi has been Nestle’s flagship culinary brand not only in India, but globally as well. 4. Maggi in India is best known as instant noodles with its various desi sub-segments such as the traditional dal atta , veg atta and rice noodles along with their various variants, Curry, Masala, Tomato, Chicken in the traditional and Shahi Pulao, Lemon Masala and Chilly Chow in the rice noodle segments. 5. Nestle unleashed Brand Maggi in India almost 25 years ago in 1983 with the launch of its traditional ‘2-minute noodles’ in its masala , tomato and chicken flavours, followed by its curry flavour some years down the line. 6. Maggi launched in India at a time when the instant noodle was not that well known a category. 7. When Nestle India launched Maggi in the country, it used the tagline, ‘Fast to cook and good to eat’, to not only promote the product, but also to educate the ever growing aspirant consumer about the advantages of using it.

Need recognition of Indian Consumer
There was a key need for a product that provides good quality food and at the same time was convenient. Maggi visualized that there should be a product which take less time to cook and consumer uses that product to get fast relief from hunger. First, Maggi targeted at the kids, because they know these segment want such kind of product from which they can get relief, whenever they feel hungry. As the result, they came up with Maggi- 2minute Noodles

Features of maggi:
Delicious in...
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