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Name: Theevana
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: A Visit to McDonald’s

1) There is a retail outlet of Mc Donald’s is suitable compared to a machine, which state car or washing machine. It is because car or washing machine is already programmed the ways to used it, same goes to Mc Donald’s. At first, washing machine is very much programmed. There are all require the proper settings, soap, water and clothes to wash. In that case, clothes should be further sorted according to their material. Next, add detergent to it and load the clothes loosely into the washing machine. At last, turn on in the button controls label and allow it to work through all of the cycles and turn itself off. Not just to say washing machine and car, it seems other mechanical things are also establish the programmers which have to follow it accordingly (CIMA 2011).

When compare Mc Donald’s to the washing machine, the conception through on quick service which offer the consuming public a high standard of quality and standardization in food, service, and decor. The main well-known food in the firm is French fries where they are fried until tasty perfection and served. Besides, the process starts from the potatoes which are harvested and sorted at the Levesque Family Farms, just one of McDonald's potato suppliers (ACCA 2011). Next, the clean potatoes are then peeled; they are cut into the standard strips. Formerly dried, the strips are fried, frozen and then shipped off as well as the strips are fried in 100 per cent vegetable oil. Finally the tasty fries are now ready to be served. This is one of the procedures in Mc Donald’s. Though retail outlet of Mc Donald’s seems mechanical’s are also fix the same programmer to the both which have to follow accordingly.

2) The success of McDonald's can be described into many factors because the firm has sensible in a high work specialisation. Hence, Max Weber illustrates the continuous organisation on Mc Donald’s functions bound by rules which bring a specialisation to Mc Donald’s which lead to success (CIMA 2009). A few examples of products are hamburgers, big Mac, Mc flurry, French fries and there will be Prosperity beef or Prosperity chicken burgers in the festive of Chinese New Year. In addition, the most important thing that leads to McDonald's success is has entire job as operating procedures for taking orders, cooking hamburgers and making thick shakes, prudence by staff (Robbins et al 2011). In terms of Henri Fayol organisational principal of Mc Donald’s, state that authority carriers responsibility on managers and employees are to be efficiency ( Campbell and Traig 2008). In fact, managers should will to be managed effectively and motivate other employees equitably and in good morale productivity (Campbell and Traig 2008). So the responsibility goes to managers who want to do the preeminent they can every day. Specifically, it shows customers satisfaction moderates earnings on impact of the firm value (Don O'Sullivan and McCallig,2012). In order to workers went through their jobs inefficiently, the principle of Frederick Taylor was assumed in Mc Donald’s firm (ACCA 2011). Rather, workers are able to carry out their duty and mission in scientific way by maximising efficiency and minimising wasted effort. Consequently, the firm is standardizing for every product they produce such as the taste of food are fix of the quality (ACCA 2011). There is customization in few variation of menu section which divides into breakfast, lunch and dinner has been programmed time by time. After that, customer service was important for others to them feel comfortable on their instance. Moreover, many people attracted by contemporary, quick service products such as drive-in to have ready meals. These all show the way of the system was great place to help Mc Donald’s to be successful in all situations efficiently

3) In my result, I would like to work for Mc Donald’s because...
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