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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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The HotBox
In this era of economic crisis people look for new ways to save money. In business centers in big cities we observe more and more people bringing lunch from home instead of eating away in restaurants. There is a growing market of products related such as water bottles with special features, lunch bags and others. There are a significant number of business man/women who seek gardens near the workplace to eat their lunches. Others use their own offices or shopping centers. In this context we find a difficulty common to all these persons which is the impossibility to warm up their food. The daily life of these persons could be more comfortable if they had a product like the one shown in the 3D model below at their reach. This product was designed in order to transport food in a easy and elegant way and that could also warm it up. It would consist on a box with dimensions that allows someone to put it in a briefcase (approximately 20cm X 20cm X 5cm) , and the exterior would be made of cork. In the interior it would have an electric plate which can warm up food by induction and a removable recipient made of stainless steel to put the food. The cork outer shell provides not only great aesthetics but also has important mechanical properties such as waterproof, non-flammable, isothermal and is also light and cheap. We believe it would be a profitable product due to the dimension and characteristics of the market target, costumers who like new technologies and are willing to pay for them. The technology required to build it exist and it would be simple to assembly.

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