Food Pantry

Topics: Food bank, Nutrition, Food Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Regional Food Pantry Program
Steve Luster
Strayer University
Eng 115-English Composition
Professor Michael White
9 February 2013

The nation’s food pantries are a fundamental requirement for the success and well being of our citizens, neighborhoods and our cities. You don’t need to state the obvious. If you’re writing about it, I’ll know you selected it.the great state of Illinois food pantry program as a business model for all regional food pantry operations primarily becauseAgain, you don’t need to tell why you selected your topic. Just give some background and explain why this topic is important. All food pantry programs work to satisfy a tremendous need and provide a valuable service for many people across the nation. Make your thesis specific to YOUR topic.

Nearly 10 per cent of all Illinois households face food insecurity according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That means for every 100 of our citizens living in our community 10 of them need assistance acquiring food for themselves and their family. It is very difficult for many families to maintain the necessary groceries in their home to live on. The primary mission for the many food pantries across the country is the nutritional welfare of our less fortunate citizens. Young children need the right source of food products to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of people for economic reasons who just cannot afford to purchase diary products, vegetables and whole grain food supplies. Although many of the food pantries are limited in the type of food they can store and provide due to storage limitation, they work hard to meet nutritional requirements the best they can. For many people having any meat for dinner is a luxury not to mention a juicy steak or a deliciously prepared portion of fish or chicken.

When diets are inadequate for young children not only are they subjected to illness from malnutrition but their academics tend to suffer. It is very difficult...
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