Lululemon Case Study

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Assignment 1

Case Study Lululemon

1. Considering the five forces of competition and how they direct the profit potential for a given industry, discuss how the forces help explain Lululemon’s performance.

2. The resource-based model assumes that each organization is a collection of resources and capabilities, which provide the basis for a firm‘s strategy and its primary source of above-average returns. Use this this model to outline Lululemon‘s core competencies and how their capabilities will need to evolve to sustain above-average returns. Compare the resource-based model to the Industry/Organization model with respect to their ability to explain and clarify how Lululemon succeeds.

3. Strategic competitiveness results when the firm is able to satisfy a group of customers by using competitive advantages in a given market. Describe Lululemon‘s relationship with its customers, particularly considering client insights, reach, richness and affiliation dimensions in your response.

4. What can Lululemon do to defend its leadership position in this market and retain its dominant player status? What threats do competitors like Lotuswear, GAP, etc pose for Lululemon?

Report Formatting and Other Requirements
MS Word
12 point font, Double spaced
Numbered pages
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Assignment should be between 5 and 7 pages in length
MLA citation format ( is to be used for footnotes or endnotes references (you can either footnote your references throughout your assignment or create an endnotes page at the end of your assignment) and for your bibliography. Students are reminded that all sources of information referenced in your assignment must be cited, including quotes from the textbook. Plagiarism is a serious academic misconduct that can result in failure of the assignment, the course and/or removal from the program.

Case Study Lululemon
Lululemon is...
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