Leadership, Culture and Transaction at Lululemon

Topics: Education, Teacher, High school Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Assignment # 06
Xiaoyu Zhang
Children always are the most precious treasure for their parents. They want their kids to get the best, of course, including education. With development of economy and society, there are varieties of kinds of education, like home schooling, private school and public school. Each type of education has different advantages. However, home schooling is the best type of education for children who reach school age. It could make children leave unnecessary stress, while it protects children’s nature. Also, home schooling could provide a very natural form of socialization.

As everyone knows that public schools are stressful places which have a lot of homework and exams, but home schooling could protect children from these stressful. Mentioning the students in public high school, a picture may occur to people that having lots of assignments and cycling between school and home with a heavy bag on shoulders, especially for someone who will joins the college entrance examination. Also, children still face many exams; including midterm, final and some occasionally tests in class. It will make children loss their enthusiasm for studying. In addition, another thing which should be must mention is bullies peers. Often seeing that some of children who are weak and do not have ability to strike back is blocked up into toilet and blackmailed money. As time passes, they are under pressure and afraid to go school. Nevertheless, home schooling does not have these stress, children could concentrate on studying.

Also, home schooling could protect children’s nature and character. Because public school or private school is a place where provides many children to study, they make rules in order to facilitate management. Yet these rules could kill the child’s character. And likewise in general school, a teacher usually teaches 20 to 50 students, even more, he could not to pay attention on each student. It means teachers could not depend on different...
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