Leadership, Culture and Transaction at Lululemon

Topics: Decision making, Marketing, Management Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: March 17, 2013
1. Lululecom has differentiated their products by offering high quality signature fabric yoga wears with premium prices. Their products have long last time and customized design. Lululemon’s costumer service is compatible to the products they delivered to the customers. In the store, Lululemon educates their guests instead of selling, which allows attention to details to each garment. In addition, Lululemon is highly integrated with communities. Their marketing research is mainly rely on the directly feedback from customers. They use brand ambassadors and word of month as main marketing channel. Lululemon’s strategy determines its unique organization structure, which is employee-oriented. The decision making process is decentralized. The store managers are empowered to make the marketing decision for their local stores, and have accountability and responsibility for the selling performance evaluated by their performance-linked salaries. This structure encourages the intrapreneurship and allows the employees engage and communicate with the organization. Focused self-development programs create strong-shared value within the company. Lululemon’s unique value proposition enables the company to compete with their two levels of competitors i.e. traditional sport product companies with whole sales strategy and brands’ soft sideline of yoga wear towards their fashion lines. The goal of Lululemon is to grow the company by open more stores and ultimately increasing sales to $1 billion. However, the performance of the company was impacted greatly by the inappropriate management decisions, which caused by incompatibleness between new coming in managers and the culture of the company. It resulted mismanagement of the real estate strategy, and struggling to implement new inventory systems to keep pace with the demands in market place. Consequently, the stores were under performance and the whole organization had slowed down. The increase in company store sales dropped from...
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