Lpn to Rn Transition

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  • Published : August 11, 2010
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LPN/RN Role Transition

There are slight changes related in returning to school from the role of LPN to RN. First I must focus my time in my school work whether it is studying, reading or just not working 80 hours a week to allow the brain to retain in my long term memory. I currently work in two different fields of nursing. One is mental health which I find personally rewarding because of hands on care I’ve learned to realize who I am and why I am who I am. The other is long term nursing care which has given me respect for the elderly and those who cannot care for themselves. The switch to the RN role I personally anticipate more involvement in the care planning and more respect from health professionals.

There is a sense of class levels whether it is CNA, LPN, RN or physicians especially during social break times. Sometimes the physician are social with RNs but CNAs and LPNs seem to stay in their own “posse” as per say. I’ve always been social with doctors because it breaks borders by showing ones intellect it helps with entrusting and what we expect from each other when it comes to communication in patient care.

Academically, ones greatest challenge is to unlearn. Hands on care as opposed to supervisory of hands on care. The LPN is working under the RNs license but both are liable to malpractice lawsuits so insurance is well recommended. Both can council patients. Whether be diabetic teaching or foley catheter care both can but RNs usually make sure upon discharge they are well informed to care plan has been met. RNs usually manage and oversee LPNs. Both advocate and collaborate for patients to meet their needs by communicating with physician. Changes in status is usually relayed from LPN to RN since they spend more hands on time with patients. Both LPNs and RNs can serve as role models. While I worked in Benedictine Hospital’s ER, There were many RNs that I would call my mentor, but there was also an LPN on the med/surg floor that I would say was on...
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