Comparison/Contrast of Rns and Lpns

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RNs and LPNs
A nurse assists and treats patients. However, specific nursing roles differ by title, education, and licensure requirements. A registered nurse (RN) performs more direct patient care. A licensed practical nurse (LPN), also called a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), provides basic bedside patient care.

An RN teaches, treats and depending on license diagnoses patients. Usually, a RN conducts an initial patient assessment to understand patients' symptoms. She may establish a treatment plan or modify one. According to BLS, she administers medication and consults with doctors. A RN also supervises LPNs and delegates duties regarding patient care. The RN works with patients' families. She may offer support and advice about managing their family member's illness. Additional duties for a RN depend on their specialty. For example, if she works as a gastroenterology nurse, she assists patients who have intestinal and digestive problems.

A LPN also help patients who are injured, sick or under the care of a RN or doctor. The LPN completes important nursing tasks. He records patients' height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. He helps patients with personal hygiene, with walking around, and sitting up in bed. The LPN may feed patients, if they need assistance. Also, a LPN performs medical tasks such as giving patients' injections, changing dressings, and monitor medical equipment. A LPN assists healthcare professionals too. According to BLS, he shares information, like adverse reactions, with a RN and physician that helps them determine the correct course of treatment for patients. Also, the LPN performs clerical tasks. These tasks include taking patients' medical histories, filing out medical forms, and setting patient appointments

Educationally, LPN’s go through one year of vocational training to receive their title. RN’s must go to nursing school for about two years to get their Associates Degree. Both RN’s and LPN’s take many of the...
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