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Lonely Planet|
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Table of Contents
Analysis of current situation3
Strategic gap4
Strategic choice5
Option 15
Option 25
Option 35
Implementation plan5


Lonely planet was found by a Tony and Maureen Wheeler, a newly wed in the early 1970’s. It all began when they decided to cross Europe and Asia overland, all the way to Australia for their honeymoon. Urged by their friends, they decided to share their experience with others, they made their first travel guide; Across Asia on the Cheap. With a week they’d sold 1500 copies and this was the beginning of Lonely Planet. Two year later, their second journey led to South-East-Asia on a shoestring, which led to guides on Nepal, Australia, etc.

Lonely planet has now offices in Melbourne, London, and Oakland, with over 500 staff members and 300 authors. They now not only publish books for travelers who take long jaunts, they also provide guides for shorter trips. Trips to some cities, that eventually takes about a week or a weekend.

The workspace itself is informal and open, so that people can communicate easily with each other. An internal culture which employees are free to be themselves. Lonely planet has an informal culture quickly adapting an ever-changing external environment. We see an adaptive culture at Lonely planet.

Analysis of current situation

Lonely planet began by sharing an experience about a travel the author made and that remained for many years. The readers will off course learn about the guides and it will guide them through the travel. But eventually the author shares the experience he or she made. Lonely planet will travel even more widely and continue publishing their experiences. As passionate travelers, they want to give something back to the incredible places that have inspired them for so many years.

Outside the normal books, they also have Lonely Planet digital. It is a website where people can go to get advice of destinations that are worth seeing. Lonely planet’s Hotels & Hostels is an online accommodation booking system. It even can book flights to your destination. It also has a forum where travelers can share advice, read reviews, etc.

The strategy they use within this market is differentiation. They focus on travelers who are globalized citizens and have respect for every culture. Hereby they not only reach beginning travelers, they also reach experienced travelers.

External environment
Opportunities| Threats|
* Focus on niche target markets and diversify new target markets. * Delivers content across different platforms. * Create partnerships with airplane operators in providing the lowest/cheapest travel fare to many destinations around the world. * Rapid worldwide growth in tourism.| * Change in customers preference into other ‘entertainment’ products. * Competitors have similar target customers and book style. * Travelling expense bears huge amount of expense for the company. * Natural disasters.|

Internal analysis
Strength| Weaknesses|
* Widely recognize and used by worldwide tourist operators. * Success in different foreign translations. * Excellence in pioneering quality. * Relax work atmosphere.| * Large number of employees with different offices in different continents, means difficult to handle and manage. * Frequency of revised and updates for the travel guides implies higher production costs.|

Developing travel products, that provides the customers of culture and experience of a certain destination, is the thing that differentiate itself from other organizations that can be compared to Lonely Planet. And that makes Lonely Planet as good as it is nowadays. The value of Lonely Planet is the detailed information to travellers with respect to culture and nature. They provide their stories with...
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