Chapter 3 Electronic Commerce

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Chapter 3
Web site needsThe Brilliant Line
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Offer accessible facts about organizationSmall to the pointStated their missionMission stated easy to use Allow visitors to experience the site in different ways and different levelsYes very interestingYes but if you don’t have the required programs your experience is not that greatYes you jump all over and not miss anything Provide visitors with meaningful, two-way communication links with organizationMinimal Not reallyYes Sustain visitor attention and encourage return visitsI loved the experience at my own paceHad the programs and still too slowI would easy to use Offer easily accessible information about products and services and how to use themVery easy to useNot really easy to use without experienceYes good experience

C1.Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet’s marketing channel conflict and cannibalization issues as it is currently operating is that they can’t get the travel guides out on time. Creating the physical book and printing is making the books a year outdated. Most of Lonely Planet’s revenues are still mainly generated by the book sales. They have an excellent website that stays current, more than their travel guides. Their website has won numerous awards for example The Webby three times, and The Society of America Travel Writers 2003 Silver Award. They’ve also expanded travel services on their website. They offer phone cards, hotel and hostel room-booking, airplane tickets, European rail travel reservations and tickets, package tours and travel insurance. Lonely Planet has also joined forces with Nokia to provide city guides on mobile telephones. Obviously Lonely Planet has no issues reinventing itself. The issue here is getting the issues out on time and the obvious fix here is to use the technology they already have and put it to use. Maybe start offering...
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