Chapter 4 Case 1 E-Commerce Schneider

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Ch 4 Case #1
Banner ads are small rectangular advertisements that when clicked upon will take you to the advertiser’s Web site. They vary in appearances and generally advertisers will try to be creative. Banner ads allow business to not only inform the viewer, but also to create interest. Oxfam decided against using banner ads in their advertising campaign for their relief work in Sedan for Ugandan refugees. They relied solely on email advertising; which ended up generating high revenue. Although this method was effective, I think they also could have done banner ads as well. Oxfam could have had showed pictures of the refugees as long with an enticing message to gather awareness for their cause. Although this might not generate as much revenue as the email advertising, it is good to be able to create awareness. Oxfam decided to only use the email addresses that were already in their database. By not purchasing new email addresses, or borrowing from other charitable organizations, they are potentially missing out on revenue for the Ugandan refugees. By sending out more emails they are more likely to reach more people and thus spread awareness as well as more donators. One advantage to using only their email addresses within their database they also can learn who checks their emails, who donates, and also what strategies work within their already known supporters. An advantage to using email addresses from other charitable organizations is that it is already known they care about what is going on in the world and also would like to help support a good cause. By not taking advantage of every possible option to spread the word on the issue, it is a disadvantage for Oxfam because they could have spread awareness to other people than their supporters. For Oxfam’s campaign, they used three different forms of content within their emails. The first email contained a photo of children in the camps. This is very powerful because a photo speaks a thousand words. People are...
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