Livelihood Indicators for Byrraju Foundation

Topics: Measurement, Program, Program management Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Byrraju Foundation has been involved in improving the livelihoods of the people of the villages of Andhra Pradesh. It is essential for Byrraju foundation to analyse the impact of its programmes on the lives of the villagers. Measuring livelihood is very important to Byrraju Foundation as it would reflect upon the relevance, implementation and impact of the programs. Measuring livelihood would also help in formulating corrective measures, if required. Measuring Livelihood is one of the most difficult things as people are not ready to divulge the sensitive information about their income. Income related questions in the questionnaire are not answered or false data is given. This paper identifies certain indicators which act as a proxy to measure the livelihood of the people. Livelihood indicators are based on major four factors

Validity: The indicator must be a valid representation of a change in household well-being, as determined by the categories of livelihood outcomes (i.e., food security, economic security, shelter, etc.). •Measurability: The indicator must be amenable to measurement within the constraints of time and resources. •Relevance: The indicator must be relevant to program objectives. •Flexibility: The indicator must be flexible enough to be applied to different contexts and livelihood systems The livelihood affecting programs by Byrraju foundation are taken into account and a list of indicators are developed which are related with the objective of these programs. Another important factor was to isolate the impacts of other programs while formulating the livelihood indicators. Economics Security, Food Security, Nutritional Security, Educational Expenditure and Agricultural indicators were developed as livelihood indicators for Byrraju foundation programs.


Measuring Livelihood Impacts: A Review of Livelihoods Indicators, Livelihood Monitoring Unit (LMU), Rural Livelihoods Program, CARE Bangladesh •Summary of a...
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