Assignment About Campier and Contrasts Between Village Life and City Life.

Topics: Urban area, City, Town Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Assignment about Campier and Contrasts Between Village Life and City Life. Life in a village is different in many ways than life in a city. Village life lacks in various public facilities which are available in cities and urban areas. Villages usually don't have good transportation system, public health care measures and most importantly we can’t have proper education staying in a village.

The main livelihood of village people is generally farming. Around 80% of our total working populations are directly or indirectly related to farming. And huge amounts in this part are farmers.

These farmers stay in village and cultivate lands to produce our crops. Again we can see a small amount of people of other professions in villages. There are businessmen, teachers in schools, barbers etc. On the contrary, a city is a gathering place of a large number of different professions. Industrialists, small business owners, job holders, people related to transportation like taxi drivers and rickshaw pullers, doctors, professors, garments workers and many other are found in a city. This is because urban areas offer these professions to the people.

There are many reasons why a city life is more preferable than village life. A city is like endless opportunities. People somehow find a way of earning in a city. May be it doesn't suit him or can't fill up his expectations but he doesn't remain unoccupied. People are intended to come to city to make money. We can see examples of people moving to a city leaving their family in village. Living facilities are another reason to vote for the city. Most of the houses in an urban place have smooth supply of electricity, water and gas. They have refrigerators, television, telephones, mobile and all the modern inventions of science. These things are in most cases not available in a village. Cities are blessed with the newest touch of technology. Many people will say he would like to spend his life in his village. But the fact is, he...
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