Live in a Big City Is Better Than a Small City

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It’s better to live in a big city than a small city
All most people like live in a small city, but I love places where there are good transportation systems, where you have better chances getting jobs and where you can easily enjoy cultural life. So I would like to live in a big city. There are good transportation systems in a big city .It will be very comfortable because you can go to any places really quickly, and you save money riding on buses and subways because these are days’ oil prices are proving high so it will be very helpful for you to save money. Secondly, when you live in a big city you have better chances of getting jobs. Big cities are call “big cities” because there are lots of thing in it. For example, there are lots of restaurants, lots of hospitals, and lots of educational facilities that all need workers. So there will be better chances of getting jobs. Lastly, if you live in a big city you can enjoy more diverse cultural lives. For example, if you want to eat some Thai food you can go to a Thai restaurant but if you live in a rural small city it is not easy to get them. You can also watch musicals, concerts, or go to museums etc. However, if you live in a rural small city it won’t be easy to enjoy all these things because there is less population in small city than big city. So, musical teams and singers will not likely have a concert where they can’t earn much money. There are various resources and information readily available in the big city. The residents there can easily acquire books, shows and movies in different fields. On the other hand, those resources might be difficult to obtain for inhabitants in the country. These are five reasons why I would prefer living in a big city than a small city. There are better transportation systems, you have better chances for you to get jobs, and if you live in a big city you can enjoy more diverse cultural lives, such as musicals, concerts etc.
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