Why Do Some People Prefer Small Towns over the Big City

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Why do some people prefer small towns over a big city? Some may think that big cities are intimidating and some may say small towns aren't interesting at all .I the have been to small towns numerous times before and feel a little more sense of security , a cleaner environment and friendlier people. In a big city its hard to be the town gossip or have the best hospitality than others but , there are pros and cons to each side of a story and I got opinions from long time small town woman and read numerous articles about all the advantages of how much better a small town can really be .

My aunt who has lived in small town Moses Lake says she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, confides with me the truth about being a small town girl. She tells me that she is closer than ever to her friends that she would have been if she lived in a small town. If she lived in a big city their friendship would not have been the same. Her outlooks on a big city has changed since she moved in a more less populated are much different than before .She says that she is making more money at her job  and is actually looking forward to go to work in the morning. Despite the less new technology's she says  "I feel more appreciated and grateful of what I have now then before, I work hard for what I have and I believe that’s how everyone else feels in the town and that's why we show each other so much respect". Small town’s communities are more connected than any other place.

I also found to be true that small towns that if you were to take a breath in a non polluted air your stress will be gone. Study’s show that 89% of people more clear less thick feeling in the air instead of a thick cloggy gas smelling air in a big city. In a small town your as comfortable as it gets. A small town is also great fro people who have allergy’s and other symptom that bother their health. Its amazing how people can deal with the Stressfulness that goes on a big city with the water and air...
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