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Persuasive Essay (ProCon) Assignment

Filename: name procon PW
Due date: week 26

Filename: name procon D1
Due date: week 26

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Due date: week 29

What is a ProCon essay?

The goal of the Pro Con essay is to persuade the reader to your side of the argument. Topics have a pro (for) side and a con (against) side. While writing this essay, you will argue that your opinion is the correct opinion by backing it up with reasons and evidence. Length: 5-paragraph minimum

In order to make your argument credible, you must research both sides of the issue – just like a good attorney. A carefully crafted persuasive essay makes concessions, but leave the reader wondering if the “other” opinion is really correct. (A concession is when you acknowledge the other side of the argument has a valid point.)

Read the sample ProCon. While it is not in the 5-paragraph essay format, you will get a good idea about how to write a catchy intro, write a thesis, organize an argument, and cement an opinion in the conclusion. I have included instructional comments in blue throughout the text.

Sample ProCon essay

My Town

“The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else does.” This hilarious quote, though a bit exaggerated, does in some ways explain happenings in small towns. I have lived in my own small town all my life. Every town has its downsides. Like the quote stated, gossip circulates easily in small towns. Also, one must often travel some distance to find specialty shops and supplemental learning opportunities. Small towns tend to have less glitter and they also have excitement. But, living in our small town also has many advantages. Because of the fewer people, one can more easily make friends. Additionally, the town provides an abundance of outdoor recreation, and a quieter, safer environment. Living in Eagle River, my small town offers greater opportunities for meaningful relationships, outdoor recreation in beautiful surroundings, and a safer community. (clear thesis)

Building significant relationships may seem challenging when living in a large, busy city. The fast-paced life can cause individuals to focus more on their personal activities like work, commuting, or entertainment and spend less time on their relationships with others. In smaller, slower-paced towns like mine, friends and acquaintances often see each other at the grocery store, bank, and the family restaurant. Though the gossip can sometimes run wild in small towns (concession), familiarity with one another also plays a part in creating an awareness of community and connectedness. My mom, when she still lived in her own small town, could not wait to leave so that nobody would recognize her. Since her mom’s relatives had helped to settle the town, almost everyone knew her or at least, that she belonged to the LeClair family. People would often call my grandma to share their “concerns” over the “goings-on” with one of her children. However, after my mom left for college, she often felt lonely and wished for that recognition—that sense of belonging and care. Though some gossip in small towns causes harm, knowing that most people do care can create a comfortable atmosphere.

Another benefit of living in my small town includes the many opportunities to participate in outdoor recreation. The woods and lakes, in most cases, sit right outside our homes, with outdoor opportunities just moments away. Sports such as running, hunting, boating, waterskiing, biking, and swimming occupy the summers of the youth as well as adults. In the winter, many participate in downhill and cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. While people in the city might have to purchase a gym membership or run on a treadmill in their basement, I get to run outside and experience the beauty of nature. Though not living close to great...
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