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A discursive essay is a piece of formal writing that presents a discussion on a particular topic. Discursive Essay: Structure
Introduction – in this section the topic to be discussed is clearly stated. Main body – it consists of several paragraphs, which describe a particular exemplified or justified point. Conclusion – the main points of the essay are summarized; the author’s opinion is stated/restated; balanced consideration of the topic is provided. Discursive Essay: Main Types

1. Opinion essay requires author’s opinion on a topic which is stated in the introductory paragraph. It should be clearly presented and followed by reasons and/or supporting examples. Also this essay paper should contain an opposing argument that comes before the conclusion. The writer must explain readers why mentioned argument is considered to be unconvincing. The writer’s opinion should be restated/summarized in the conclusion. 2. For and Against Essay provides readers with a thorough debate on the topic with the help of opposing points of view. Each point should be discussed objectively and described in details. The introductory paragraph puts the topic under consideration. Main body of this essay paper should present examples, reasons and arguments supported by justifications. The author’s own opinion with a balanced reflections on the topic should be stated only in the conclusion. 3. Essay Suggesting Solution to a Problem discusses problems and finds main solutions. Introduction paragraph clearly states a problem and analyses its causes and consequences. Main body of the essay should offer some suggestions for a possible solution to the problem and state possible consequences or expected results. In conclusion, author’s opinion should be distinctly summarized.
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