Live in Myths

Topics: Meaning of life, Reality, Religion Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: May 2, 2013
This essay Live in Myths by Ellen Goodman is about the tendency of people to live in their own myths. Myths in this context symbolize image or illusions. The wife thinks that her husband is not cranky but the fact is her husband really cranky. The wife believes that her husband is very understanding, generous, and deep downs but the fact her husband not really like that. She built her husbands image by herself, she wants her husband to be like this or like that. This essay describe about human nature, people often picture what they want or make an illusion about others and they are afraid if they throw away their illusion they will not like each other anymore. This essay use formal language. And there are any interesting connotations in this essay. First, in a sentence bound to be let down, it tells the reader that we will be disappointed if we do it continuously. Second, erratic outbursts, it is really interesting because the writer put word outbursts after erratic. This part shows the reader about the personality of the husband. It means that her husband has high temper, he get angry easily but she doesn’t want accept that. I think this choice of word show the personality of the husband that has denied by his wife. About the diction in this essay, it is depend on the choice of words. The diction in this essay is important. The diction in this essay is abstract. We can’t imagine and make any picture about the meaning of this word. But we can understand the meaning of this word by the whole story. The word “Really” explains the habit of the wife. The wife always created and stuck with her own image or illusion of her husband, the wife ignored the real quality of her husband because she thinks it will make they don’t like each other anymore. In paragraph 11, “I know many other people who live with their ideas of each other. Not with a real person but with a “really”. In this sentence, the writer wants the reader to understand about this idea. People often say that...
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