Topics: Explanation, Emotion, Mythology Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Joseph Campbell response 10
The power of myths was an event that changed many lives. Joseph Campbell dedicated his live and scholarly work to study the myths for an explanation of consciousness. His work isn’t just a collection of interesting exotic stories but they are for those who are willing to imagine their rich inner life. Campbell explains there are “four function of myth.” The first function is for the individual to explore their inner goddess, finding if the mystery exist. The second function is to explain everything that one may come in contact with. The second function explains the image of cosmos. The third function is a shared set of right and wrongs. These common beliefs are what a society depends on. The last function that Campbell explains is the fourth function is what supposedly carries an individual through life, from childbirth to death. This function is to understand the individuals’ social order in life. Campbell uses many rhetorical strategies to intrigue his audience. The two that I am going to focus on are metaphor and one of Aristotle’s appeals, pathos. Starting with his use of metaphors. The first example is state in track 3: The Impact of Space-Age Imagery, “the fact of those flying around the moon.” This is obviously a metaphor causing the reader to enhance their imagination. The second one that I found interesting as stated under the track 5: Siva & Kirtimukha: Life Lives on Live, the opening itself is a metaphor. Campbell then continuous with his metaphors in the first sentence, “ Just think of the nature of life itself.” Once again Campbell is encouraging the reader to use their imagination again to get his point of the four functions across. The devise Campbell uses is the use of pathos, Campbell uses this to get the reader involved by pulling the on emotions of the reader. An example of this strategy is used in track 4: Awe before the Great Mystery; “The world, the universe, life, being itself is absolutely without meaning....
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