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The Unicorn in the Garden

The story ‘Unicorn in the Garden’ has two characters which revolve around the event of sighting a Unicorn in the garden by the husband. The story portraits the husband as a mild characterised person and the wife as mean spirited. At first the husband’s character comes to the reader as somewhat not in touch with reality. Then it further progresses to the wife’s character and portraits the wife as demeaning towards the husband. The story starts with highly imaginable and portrayal of the whole scene that occurred. The use of the words such as ‘sunny morning’, ‘garden’, and ‘eating roses takes the imagination of the reader to a very realistic level and creates an engaging mood followed by curiosity. When the story progresses towards the event where the husband runs off to tell the wife about the sight he witnessed, takes a very interesting turn, the fact that the wife totally refuses to believe her husband, more interestingly the reaction of the husband, the reaction that he showed was in fact a result of somewhat presumed behaviour of her wife; “The unicorn is a mythical beast,’ she said. The wife’s behaviour then progresses towards the action of insult for the husband, where she refers to him as somewhat insane. “You are a booby,” she said, “and I am going to have you put in the booby- hatch,” The second paragraph really uncovers the wife’s true nature. “She was very excited and there was a gloat in her eye”, this truly paints her character, she was rather excited to hand his husband over to the authorities.

This part really sheds light and gives an insight on the relationship between the husband and the wife. As the story progresses, irony takes it turn, the authority’s arrival and the wives explanation of the sight seen by her husband to them results in rather a misfortune for the wife. The authorities without even conforming from the husband take the wife into custody. After this point, the arrival of the husband is the crux of...
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