lily and majnun vs. rpmeo and juliet

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  • Published: November 17, 2013
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‘’ Romeo & Juliet’’ vs. ‘’Lily & Majnun’’ criticism: comparative psychoanalysis


This study is investigating the psychoanalysis criticism of ‘’Romeo & Juliet’’ by William Shakespeare and ‘’ Lily & Majnun’’ in a comparative method. Th Freudian psychoanalysis in author’s side and through both texts has been analyzed and compared. The frequency of Freudian theory is highly observed in ‘’Romeo & Juliet’’ rather than in ‘’lily & majnun’’ due to the psychoanalysis discussed within the study. Accordingly we get into that ‘’lily & majnun’’ characters believe in platonic love or ‘’virgin love’’, so the often comparison of these two stories might be incorrect from the psychoanalysis viewpoint.

The Freudian theory encompasses two different theories: 1) the focus should be on the text without considering the outside influences; 2) concern of this theory is on the author of literary work. in the first theory, the conflicts, symbols, dream sequences are examined since the outward behavior might conflict within the inner desire of the characters, to reveal their subconscious , which consist of the ‘id’(what they really want to), the superego(the repository of socially imposed behavior and guilt sense) and the ego (reality, which contents both the id and superego) Second theory discusses the relationship of the author of the literary work and the work itself. Maybe he wants metaphorically; to reclaim his repressed wishes, to satirize his hatred ones and sympathy with those people he loves. Consequently, the purpose of this study is to discover and accord the circumstances of these two stories to psychoanalytic. Some question therefore haunt to me 1- What’s the origin of two stories?

2- What are the traits of main characters?
3- How does the author reveal those traits?
4- What do you learn about each character from their action, speech, thoughts? 5- How does each character view him or herself?
6- How do...
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